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Do you love nature and would you like to know more about the fantastic Caribbean flora and fauna?

Are you are looking for a real adventure away from the large tourist groups?

Our kayak trips will give you the right combination of nature, adventure and exercise. The program includes the best national parks and rivers in the country.

Join us on one of our river and lagoon day trips. Or spend a few days away from civilization with an overnight stay in a tent with a romantic beach barbeque. Our unsinkable sea kayaks are specially designed for long journeys. An ergonomic seat, waterproof gear boxes and safety equipment are only some of the features that guarantee a fantastic and safe adventure.

The following description of our kayak sites will give you only an idea of what is possible. The tour plan, special arrangements and prices will be developed individually for each client or group.

haiti haiti dr map Lago Enriquillo National Park Bermudez & Ramirez Chavón River National Park del Este Laguna Limón National Park Los Haitises

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